Man has been around for 200,000 years. Many languages have been spoken since, but what was the first language spoken by man?

    What first language spoken by man is a difficult question to answer. Whilst there were undoubtedly languages before. We just don’t know their names or what they sounded like. They have simply been lost to history. 

    The first languages were likely those in the cuneiform script, dating back to the 8 millennium BCE . However, other linguists claim that Sumerian or Egyptian are the oldest- simply because they have the oldest writing systems. 

    What are the first languages spoken by man that we still use?

    1. Tamil (5000 years old)– Tamil was first spoken Sri Lanka. It is also the official language of both Sri Lanka and Singapore. It is spoken by 78 million people, and is the only ancient language to survive into the modern era. 
    2. Sanskrit (4900 years old)– Unlike Tamil, Sanskrit isn’t well spoken. Sanskrit was once we’ll spoken, although it fell out of use in 600 BC. However, Sanskrit is an ancient holy language, being used in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. 

    Gareth Seagull

    Gareth Seagull is the editor-in-chief of Raptor Translations Magazine. Before that, he was a language teacher, linguistics professor and later a translator! He currently speaks five European languages.

    What was the first language spoken?
    How old is Sanskrit? As far as the world knew, Sanskrit stood as the first spoken language because it dated as back as 5000 BC. more
    Where are Celtic languages spoken?
    Celtic languages, also spelled Keltic, branch of the Indo-European language family, spoken throughout much of Western Europe in Roman and pre-Roman times and currently known chiefly in the British Isles and in the Brittany peninsula of northwestern France. more
    What language is spoken in Asmara?
    Eritrea more
    Where is Kashmiri language spoken?
    the Vale of Kashmir Kashmiri language, language spoken in the Vale of Kashmir and the surrounding hills. By origin it is a Dardic language, but it has become predominantly Indo-Aryan in character. more
    Which language is spoken the most?
    The most spoken languages in the world
    1. English (1,132 million speakers) Native speakers: 379 million.
    2. Mandarin (1,117 million speakers)
    3. Hindi (615 million speakers)
    4. Spanish (534 million speakers)
    5. French (280 million speakers)
    6. Arabic (274 million speakers)
    7. Bengali (265 million speakers)
    8. Russian (258 million speakers)
    What was first spoken language?
    Thus, given this evidence, Sumerian can also be considered the first language in the world. Sumerian was gradually replaced by Akkadian as a spoken language around 2000 BC, but it continued to be used as a literary, ceremonial, scientific and sacred language until the 1st century AD. more
    What languages are spoken in Jordan?
    The official language of Jordan is Arabic, but English is widely spoken especially in the cities. Many Jordanians have travelled, or have been educated abroad, so French, German, Italian and Spanish are also spoken, but to a lesser extent. more
    What language is spoken in Syria?
    In Syria, you will discover five major languages: Arabic, Assyrian, Armenian, Kurdish and Syriac. The dialects in Syria contain Arabic, law essay Kurdish, Syriac, and Assyrian. They belong to the branch of Aramaic-Syriac, which was referred to as Thaqif, Melek, Akhtarsia, and Aleppo in Assyria. more
    Where is Karen language spoken?
    The Karen languages are comprised of a group of languages spoken primarily in the coastal areas of Thailand and in the lower regions of Burma. There are three main Karen languages and many dialects. The main types are S'gaw (pronounced Skaw) Karen, Western Pwo Karen and Eastern Pwo Karen. more
    What language is spoken in Istria?
    Istriot language more
    What language is spoken in Nigeria?
    The official language is English, but it is spoken less frequently in rural areas and amongst people with lower education levels. Other major languages spoken include: Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Fulfulde, Ibibio, Kanuri, and Tiv. Nigerian Sign Language, Hausa Sign Language, and Bura Sign Language are all used in Nigeria. more


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