Updated: June 16, 2021

    When humans age, hair turns either white or gray. Redheads are usually told that they will only go white. However, a Stanford University study is saying redheads could potentially turn gray too.

    Gray hair is actually an optical illusion and is the product of colored hairs mixed in with white hairs. There are two pigments in the hair shaft: eumelanin and phomelanin. All hair colors whether blonde, black, brown or red have a combination of these pigments.

    The more eumelanin in the hair, the darker the hair will be. The more phomelanin in the hair, the redder the hair will be.

    A geneticist named Barry Starr at Stanford University concluded in 2015 that a blonde person has a little bit of eumelanin and little or no phomelanin, an auburn-haired person has a lot of eumelanin with some phomelanin thrown in, a redhead is all phomelanin with very little eumelanin, and so on.

    Hair gets its natural color at the hair follicle. The particular mix of pigments that goes into your hair is a function of your genetics. Starr said there is not one hair color gene. This means that even us redheads are individually unique because not one of us has the exact same color red!

    Since your genes never change, your hair color will never actually change to gray or white. The hair follicles instead just simply stop producing pigment. You can still be a redhead even if you don’t have red hair on top of your head any longer because genetically you haven’t changed. That’s good news for us who love being identified as the redhead. My grandfather was a redhead when he was younger and everyone called him “Red”. It’s been a long time since he’s had actual red hair, but people still call him “Red” to this day.

    Once all the hair follicles on your head lose their color completely, the hair will appear to be all white. This is called achromotrichia. This happens at different rates for different people — and sometimes, redheads face this sooner than most. But, this is why redheads will go white and some will go gray, or a mix of both in their lifetime.

    Redheads actually retain their natural pigment a lot longer than other shades, so there is no need to panic about going gray or white. Natural red hair simply fades with age through a spectrum of colors of faded copper to rosy-blonde, then to silvery white.

    No matter what your age and whether you go gray or white, always continue to Rock it like a Redhead because you always will be (deep down inside)…a redhead forever!

    Rock it like a Redhead

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    When do redheads turn white?
    This means that even us redheads are individually unique because not one of us has the exact same color red! Since your genes never change, your hair color will never actually change to gray or white. The hair follicles instead just simply stop producing pigment. more
    Do white Crocs turn yellow?
    If your once white Crocs are yellowing or stained, you may need to give them a bleach soak to restore them to their former glory. Only use this method on white Crocs that have been formerly washed with soapy water. Step 1: Work in a well-ventilated area. Step 2: Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and some bleach. more
    Why did Miriam turn white?
    After God departs, Miriam appears white with a skin disease (tzara'at, traditionally translated as "leprosy"). Aaron asks for forgiveness and for Miriam to be cured, and Moses relays the prayer to God, who says that Miriam should be excluded from the Israelite camp for seven days, which is done. more
    Why does chicken turn white?
    These muscles get energy from glycogen, which is also stored in the muscles. White meat has a translucent "glassy" quality when it is raw. When it's cooked, the proteins denature and recombine, or coagulate, and the meat becomes opaque and whitish. more
    Why did my alcohol turn white?
    Why Does Alcohol Turn White? It is because anise oil, anethole, is not soluble in water, but is soluble in alcohol. As a result, clear liquor turns milky-white when diluted in alcohol. In the presence of ethanol, water causes the fat to emulsify, thereby causing the characteristic milky color to appear. more
    Why does milk chocolate turn white?
    That white discoloration that sometimes forms on old chocolate turns the stomachs of chocolate lovers everywhere. For years, researchers have known that the harmless change, known as a fat bloom, is caused by liquid fat such as cocoa butter migrating through the chocolate and crystalizing on the candy's surface. more
    Do all Cavapoos turn white?
    White Coats That being said, it's extremely rare that a Cavapoo will turn out 100 percent white. Most white Cavapoos will have other colors mixed in, with white being the majority color. You may see spots of red, black, tan, or apricot in your dog's coat. more
    Can bleach turn your skin white?
    Skin lightening can be done in many ways, bleaching being one of the options. Bleaching fades out the dark spots and blemishes. Even though it does not truly lighten your skin tone, it gives you a lighter appearance. more
    Do dental stitches turn white?
    Once the clot forms, your body will start building granulation tissue to cover the wound. This tissue often appears a creamy white color and consists of collagen, white blood cells, and blood vessels. more
    Do white fillings turn black?
    White fillings may turn a darker color over time from smoking, drying out or exposure to high staining foods or drinks. more
    Can you turn yellow teeth white?
    Whitening rinses are another way to get rid of yellow teeth. They contain oxygen sources such as hydrogen peroxide. These react with the compounds staining the teeth, helping to lift them. Using a rinse twice a day for 1 minute at a time can lead to a one to two shade improvement in tooth color within 3 months. more

    Source: www.howtobearedhead.com

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