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    With the nation now on lockdown in a bid to stop the spread of COVID-19 , many of us are trying to find ways to keep our hands busy that doesn't include snacking on unhealthy foods! Whether we're working on our fitness, tackling those DIY tasks or giving the house a good spring clean, we're not alone in trying to find tasks to curb our isolation boredom. But, unlike 'everyday folk', many celebrities are having to get their hands dirty as they adjust to life without 'the help'. While cleaners are still allowed to work during the lockdown, as long as they keep a two-metre distance, some celebs appear to not be taking any chances. Let's talk a look at some who are having to clean their own homes while stuck in lockdown

    Nicole Scherzinger 

    Nicole Scherzinger put an envious twist on household chores after she shared a very impressive pic of herself in the splits position whilst mopping the floor. Captioning the Instagram photo, she wrote: "Causal quarantine cleaning and cooking attire whilst listening to @todrick’s new album #QuarantineQueen." If we could do this, we’d be cleaning all the time! 


    Victoria Beckham recently joked that she had become "extremely close" to her dishwasher during her time at home. On day three of lockdown last month, Victoria enjoyed baking her first cake with her husband David, but when it was time to clean up, she admitted that she was loading the dishwasher for "about the 25th time today". She recently also showed off her latest 'must-have' accessories – a pair of yellow Marigolds which she had branded with her 'VB' initials. Sharing a photo of the gloves to her Instagram Stories, the fashion designer wrote: "Loving my marigolds! They have become my new best friend!!"


    Amanda Holden

    Amanda Holden has been keeping busy by tackling her "never-ending" pile of ironing. Sharing a photo on Instagram on Wednesday, Amanda looked perplexed at her ever-growing pile of clothes. In the snap, the Britain's Got Talent star holds the iron up as she faces a bundle of creased clothes. She simply captioned the pic: "Mmm #neverending," followed by a crying with laughter emoji.

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    Which celebrities clean their own house?
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