Several of the world’s countries are goldmines when it comes to amazing men!

    If you feel like you need a break from gorgeous, home-grown American men, and want to explore the world’s horizons for something a little more exotic, you’re in luck! As it turns out, several of the world’s countries are goldmines when it comes to amazing men, and we’ve rounded up the top 15 nations serving up the best of the best. These countries located across Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and South America are well-known for housing the most desirable fellas in existence. Of course, “desirable” means different things to different people, so we’ve made sure to take into account the general personalities of these international men, and their cultures and lifestyles—we didn’t just form a list of hotties with six packs (although hotties with six packs do come into the equation!). Pack your bags, ladies, because here are the 15 foreign countries you need to get to if you’re looking for an international man.

    15 Greece


    The term “hot as a Greek god” was definitely coined for a reason. Nestled in the lavish Mediterranean, Greece and its various islands offer up men that are generally tall, dark, and handsome. With a very rich history that spans across thousands of years, Greece has been influenced by the west and the east, resulting in chiseled modern men that have the best of both worlds! Greek men are typically olive-skinned with large dark eyes, and thick dark hair, though you will also find them with fairer skin and hair too. Greeks, in general, are known for being very passionate people, who are generous and hospitable—what more could you really want in a man? Not only will he probably read you epic Greek tales of Odysseus and his men, but he’ll also introduce you to the rest of his culture, including the endless feasts of incredible food. Hot men and hot gyros…winning!

    14 Ireland


    The accent of an Irish man is quite enough to get us to pack our bags and get on the next flight to Dublin! Even though Gerard Butler’s Irish rogue in P.S. I Love You wasn’t real, it was still enough to melt us, so imagine what it must be like having a dreamy conversation in a pub with a real Irish guy! Irish men are generally fair-skinned with bright eyes, and can really have any hair color, ranging from dark brown to ginger. In terms of personality, they tend to be cute and sweet, while at the same time being a little rough around the edges. We get the impression that actually dating an Irish guy will be all kinds of fun, and there would be a little drinking involved. He’d also show you all around the spectacular green landscape that is his home, and to be honest, you’d probably never be able to walk away.

    13 Morocco


    Located in North Africa, Morocco is fast becoming a tourist hotspot for westerners. With a blending of African and Middle Eastern culture, the country offers its own unique vibes that are beginning to stand out to the rest of the world. Moroccan men are ruggedly handsome with their dark eyes, long eyelashes, and blessed bone structure. The best part about Moroccan men, in our opinion, is that some of them actually wear a substance known as kohl on their eyelids, which serves to protect them from the sun and strengthen their eyes. It looks just like black eyeliner, and strongly resembles Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow. Of course, Moroccan men won’t speak to you in a slurring, pirate drawl, but they will introduce you to their distinctive culture and open your eyes to a life that’s vastly different to what you already know. Get ready to fall into a sweet trance!

    12 South Africa


    With South Africa being as diverse a nation as it is, South African men come with many different looks and backgrounds. In general, they are known for being quite polished and intelligent, as well as athletic. Also, a survey conducted by found that 78% of South African men believed they were sexy. While some might worry then that these men are bound to be a little egotistical, we think it’s a good sign! There is nothing more desirable than confidence, and clearly, South African men have some to spare. Sports are a huge part of the culture, and some of the sports people like to play in the country, even if they’re not at a professional level, include cricket, soccer, rugby, boxing, tennis, and swimming. So if you end up dating a South African man, you’ll more than likely end up being a bit of a cheerleader from time to time!

    11 Norway


    If you’re the kind of gal who likes a manly man (think brave, muscular, strong, and just a little rough), look no further than the descendants of the Vikings themselves, Norwegian men. Okay, so they may not display a full list of Viking qualities today, but they still have those inner explorers and conquerors inside them. That means that even though today they’re sweet and polite, they would totally still jump on their longboats and raid the cities of Europe for you! Norwegian men are typically blonde with fair skin and blue eyes, though you might find the odd one with darker features. Aside from having some of the best men in the world, Norway has a lot of other impressive qualities. They are one of the richest countries in the world and have one of the largest percentages of female elected politicians. Also, the divorce rate is relatively low compared to other countries!

    10 Japan


    Those who are looking for a man who’s refined and graceful while at the same time on top of the fashion world should hop on a plane to Tokyo. Japan is home to some of the top male models in the world, and Japanese men are well-known in Asia for their impossibly dark eyes and hair which contrasts against their fair skin. One of our favorite things about Japanese men is that they’re very health-conscious. Not only do they pay careful attention to the food they put in their bodies, but they also take great care of their skin. This means that if you end up marrying a Japanese guy, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be nagging him not to guzzle down tons of potato chips, and honestly, he’ll probably have more skin-care products than you. That’s a good thing, though. You can exchange ideas about being beautiful and flawless! Plus, sushi.

    9 Spain


    Spain has a strong reputation for being home to some of the most godly-looking men on the planet, and that reputation definitely has some truth behind it! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but boy, you’d be hard-pressed to find somebody who didn’t appreciate the tanned skin, piercing eyes, and long, European hair on Spanish men. Even though they are pretty exciting to look at, it’s the personality thriving beneath that sexy exterior that really makes these men irresistible. Spanish guys are known for being obsessed with sports, so you better be prepared to sit through a few games of soccer, but that love of sports just reflects their passionate nature. They are playful and intense at the same time and aren’t afraid of expressing emotion. This definitely isn’t the sort of place where you have to just about force a guy into a thumbscrew to get him to admit his feelings!

    8 France


    Like Spain, France already has a bit of a reputation for producing some of the world’s most eligible bachelors. The country is basically synonymous with “romance” for goodness sake! French men have less of an iconic and obvious look than other countries—they have different skin and hair colors. But the common trait is that they know how to dress, and they’re totally sophisticated. The one thing you should always remember when dating a French guy is that looking good is important to them, so they don’t really have a “casual” setting. If they tell you they’re dressing casual to meet you for a coffee and a pastry, best believe that they will show up with their hair neatly combed, wearing slacks and a button-down shirt! The French accent is another factor that makes these men so enticing, and when they speak the language itself, accept that it’s game over. You’re theirs.

    7 Canada


    Canada may not be that far away, but the men are definitely in a league of their own! As opposed to being the intense, steamy, and passionate type that a lot of European men are, Canadians are more the friendly and polite guy next door. They’re generally much more laid back, which might seem less romantic, but trust us—is also a lot less stressful! You can totally relax when you’re with a Canadian guy and know that what you see is what you get. There is no pretense there, and everything is just really easy. The only time these guys aren’t laid back is when the ice hockey is on, but in those cases, the aggression is just a turn-on. Most of the time, though, you’ll just chill with bacon and maple syrup. In terms of looks, Canadian guys come in all sorts of packages—they can be of a number of ethnicities!

    6 Cuba


    It’s common knowledge that Cubans are an incredibly desirable race of men. For starters, they’re very easy on the eyes—brown skin, dark eyes, thick, curly hair. Yes, please! But more importantly, they are typically warm and welcoming people who adore women, and who are by nature caring and nurturing. This is the kind of guy who will never be afraid to tell you that you’re his queen, and will be more than happy to cuddle you asleep! The culture in Cuba means that Cuban men are also always down for having a good time, and they happen to be some of the best dancers in the world. Participating in a bit of salsa might just be the perfect way to meet the love of your life! If there isn’t a party nearby, you can bet that Cuban men will create one. They are enthusiastic about life and feel it is there to be enjoyed. Preach it!

    5 England


    Who hasn’t fantasized about being with the perfect English gentleman before? Being such a diverse country, England is home to posh gentlemanly types in addition to the less refined kinds of guys. We love them all! The number-one attractive quality about an English guy has to be his accent, and we are suckers for all kinds of English accents, whether they’re fit for Buckingham Palace or a Jack the Ripper adaptation. These guys have a reputation for dressing well, and for having a good knowledge of manners and social cues, even if they sometimes forget to use them. Rude boy that’s good to us? Yes, ma’am! English men come with all different looks, but we will casually add that many of the most attractive celebrities in the world are English. David Beckham, Robert Pattinson, Idris Elba, Kit Harrington, Jude Law, Benedict Cumberbatch, Harry Styles, Orlando Bloom. Need we say more?

    4 Serbia


    There is a certain charm about all Slavic men, and Serbian men are most definitely part of that equation. Serbian men are well-known for two things: having perfect, symmetrical faces, and being tall. Both are positives in our book! Guys from Serbia are usually tanned and can have either dark or light hair, with dark or light eyes. Like many other European men, they also have a keen sense of fashion and are usually well-presented and look as though they were put together by a stylist. Serbian women are gorgeous, which might make you feel a little insecure about pursuing a Serbian man. Remember though, nothing is as alluring as confidence, no matter how clichéd it sounds. Aside from their looks, Serbian men also make us weak at the knees when they switch to their native language. Slavic accents are charming, but the language just has the power to win us over completely!

    3 Australia


    Like Canadian fellas, Aussie guys don’t have the strong, romantic and overly impassioned thing going on. Instead, they are the most chilled guys on the planet, and what they lack in grand, starry-eyed gestures, they make up for in comfortable companionship and a sweet demeanor. Australia may be home to some of the most dangerous animals on the planet, but you’ll always feel safe in the arms of an Aussie surfer. Often sun-kissed, ripped, and kind of grungy (in a good way!), Australian guys are funny, great to chat to, and are not at all judgmental or high-maintenance. Life with one of them by your side will be long and stress-free! Australia is also a largely multicultural country, meaning that there are more than just blonde surfers to be found Down Under! You can find guys with a range of backgrounds, though they’ll all have that delicious Aussie accent and laid-back charm.

    2 Argentina


    All Latin-American men are sexy, no matter which way you look at it. Although it’s difficult to choose one country in South America that has the best men, we’ve settled on Argentina. The blending of cultural influences in this country has resulted in a passion-filled atmosphere and a fast-paced, vibrant lifestyle, perfect for producing some phenomenal fellas! Argentinian men are typically olive-skinned with dark hair and dark eyes, although some have dazzling green and grey eyes—quite enough to take your breath away! Although Argentinian men are impassioned and romantic, they are slightly less intense than their European counterparts, making them casual, yet classy. Soccer is also kind of a big deal over in Argentina (which isn’t a terrible thing!), so if you end up with an Argentinian, be prepared to attend a few games. Somehow, we think a hot Latin man complete with an accent and charisma is more than enough incentive!

    1 Italy


    The top country with the best men has to be a place where grapevines flourish over rolling hills and some of the most delicious foods in the world are served smoking hot. Of course, we’re talking about Italy! Romance is practically interwoven into the country’s culture, with legends like Casanova echoing throughout its history and phrases like “Italian Stallion” now common all around the world. Seriously, this is the country where you’ll find the quaint town of Verona and Juliet’s legendary balcony! Naturally, Italian men are just going to be born-lovers. We can see just from looking at them that the majority are blessed with great genes. While dark features are common in the south of the country, fairness is found in the north, but no matter their individual characteristics, Italian men know how to dress and carry themselves. They can be a little forward, but they definitely don’t lack confidence!

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