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    The world's population is aging, and these countries are proof. Andy Wong / Associated Press

    25. Czech Republic — 15.53% under 14

    Petr David Josek / Associated Press

    24. Slovakia — 15.46% under 14

    Petr David Josek / Associated Press

    23. Romania — 15.24% under 14

    Darko Bandic / Associated Press

    22. Slovenia — 15.11% under 14

    Marco Trovati / Associated Press

    21. Lithuania — 14.99% under 14

    Mindaugas Kulbis / Associated Press

    20. Switzerland — 14.92% under 14

    Matthias Schrader / Associated Press

    19. Poland — 14.86% under 14

    Jean-Francois Badias / Associated Press

    T-17. Singapore — 14.73% under 14

    Adrian Hoe / Associated Press

    T-17. Croatia — 14.73% under 14

    Darko Vojinovic / Associated Press

    16. Spain — 14.59% under 14

    Daniel Cole / Associated Press

    15. Malta — 14.46% under 14

    Jonathan Borg / Associated Press

    14. Channel Islands — 14.44% under 14

    RICK RYCROFT / Associated Press

    13. Bulgaria — 14.39% under 14

    Valentina Petrova / Associated Press

    12. Hungary — 14.30% under 14

    Matt Dunham / Associated Press

    11. Bosnia and Herzegovina — 14.15% under 14

    Amel Emric / Associated Press

    10. Austria — 14.10% under 14

    Marco Trovati / Associated Press

    T-8. United Arab Emirates — 13.88% under 14

    Jon Gambrell / Associated Press

    T-8. Qatar — 13.88% under 14

    Hassan Ammar / Associated Press

    6. Italy — 13.43% under 14

    Claude Paris / Associated Press

    5. Portugal — 13.40% under 14

    Armando Franca / Associated Press

    4. South Korea — 13.35% under 14

    Lee Jin-man / Associated Press

    3. Germany — 13.07% under 14

    Anja Niedringhaus / Associated Press

    2. Japan — 12.84% under 14

    Kamran Jebreili / Associated Press

    1. Hong Kong — 11.91% under 14

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    Which country have no kids?
    Among the places with the fewest kids per capita are South Korea, Switzerland, and Portugal. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. more
    Is BuzzFeed kid friendly?
    Content on BuzzFeed definitely strays toward the mature; though there are disclaimers, users can frequently see nudity, sexual content, graphic injuries, loads of profanity, and posts praising or talking about drug and alcohol use. more
    Who was orange kid?
    Orange Kid is a very neat, organized inventor who lives in Twoson. Orange Kid is a complete contrast to his rival Apple Kid, who he despises, causing the citizens of Twoson to praise him profusely and giving him a very large ego. However, unlike Apple Kid, Orange Kid is completely useless to Ness's cause. more
    Is busy kid free?
    The BusyKid Chore & Allowance Tracker is free to use and allows families to add chores and track them through a Friday payday. more
    Are robots kid appropriate?
    Parents need to know that Robots has cartoon-style peril and violence with some thrill-ride-ish special effects. There's a little potty language ("booty," "fanny") plus some potty jokes, including an extended fart joke sequence. more
    Is Eddsworld kid friendly?
    Eddsworld is mainly an animated web series, but we also produce comic strips, single-panel illustrations for social media, animated shorts and 'stories' for social media, and merchandise. The content is generally aimed at a teenage audience, between the ages of 13 and 18, but we like to think it appeals to all ages. more
    Is Balto kid friendly?
    Super-dog adventure is fun, age-appropriate for kids. more
    Are Boxers kid friendly?
    A Boxer is a durable breed, so he can withstand pretty much anything your kids can dish out. A Boxer is very patient and tolerates children very well. A Boxer is very affectionate and loving. A Boxer is protective of his family and will look out for your kids. more
    Is Benji kid appropriate?
    Only appropriate for kids who won't be disturbed by some convincing suspense and danger to both the kids and the pup. more
    Is Excalibur kid friendly?
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