In 2005, a set of five interns entered into the world of medicine and our TV screens were never the same again. Bringing Ellen Pompeo into the limelight and casting former teen heartthrob Patrick Dempsey, Greys Anatomy was set to be the next big thing. But this medical drama grew bigger than anyone could have predicted as it’s now ABC's longest running scripted series and the longest running prime-time medical drama in history.

    But just because everyone knows that this show is popular, it doesn’t mean we all understand how the show can keep going after 18 seasons. This series may have been a cultural phenomenon back when it first premiered, but there are reasons why this show continues to thrive when so many others have since dwindled.

    6 The Dark And Twisty Situations

    One of the more unique aspects is the crazed storylines that surround the doctors as they try to do their jobs and face many obstacles along the way. Fans were riveted by the fast-paced and nerve racking episode “As We Know It” that put Meredith at risk when she encountered an active bomb. Since then, the series has been dedicated to shocking fans with heart-wrenching storylines like Meredith almost drowning, George being hit by a bus, and the shooting in the hospital that almost cost Meredith her two favorite people . But even though fans thought that the season six finale shooting was powerful, nothing could compare to the cultural reset of the plane crash that transformed Seattle Grace Hospital forever. More recently the series has even hit closer to home with the introduction of COVID and the beach scenes where they brought back beloved (and long deceased) characters we thought would never share the screen again.

    5 Shonda Rhimes' Strong Character Building

    One thing that set Greys Anatomy apart from other shows was its enticing ensemble cast. The original cast included Ellen Pompeo as the titular character Meredith Grey, Sandra Oh as Christina Yang, Patrick Dempsey as McDreamy a.k.a. Derek Shepherd, T.R. Knight as George O’Malley, Katherine Heigl as Izzie Stevens, Justin Chambers as Alex Karev, Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, and James Pickens Jr. as Richard Webber. The show would later go on to lose some of its original characters but gain a wave of fresh new faces each season that would soon become fan favorites. The ever expanding cast and their chemistry allowed for romance (and friendships) to brew more organically on screen. Fans would go absolutely crazy for iconic ships like Calzona, Slexie, Jolex, Japril, and who could forget the iconic MerDer. And despite only three of the original cast left still standing, the show has continued to introduce new doctors for fans to idolize.

    4 Creating It's Own Universe

    A tried and true method of our time with creations like the MCU and the Chicago franchise, fans love it when worlds collide. So it only makes sense that one of the longest running medical dramas has their own universe of sorts. After a backdoor pilot, ABC released Private Practice centered around fierce Dr. Addison Montgomery as she trades Seattle for sunshine in California. Not only did this popular show run for six seasons, but it brought forth the lovable Amelia Shepherd into Greys once the series ended.

    Premiering in 2018, Station 19 centered around the Seattle Fire Department and integrated more frequently with Greys than Private Practice did, since both shows took place in the same city.

    3 Award-Winning Television

    Greys has been nominated for at least 25 Primetime Emmy Awards, 13 Creative Arts Emmy, and 10 Golden Globes. The series has also won for Best Drama at the People’s Choice Awards on five seperate occasions. The actresses also always put their all into their performance as evident from Katherine Heigl’s win for Outstanding Supporting Actress and Loretta Devine’s 2011 win for her role as Adele Webber. Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo have also been highly praised for their acting chops, having both won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress respectively. The series has won 16 NAACP awards and even got its soundtrack nominated for a Grammy in 2007.

    2 'Greys Anatomy' Is Very Bingeable

    Often shows tend to get canceled because they can’t bring in new viewers so the views diminish over time as old fans outgrow the series. But with the rise of streaming services, it’s easier now for old shows to develop new fans as it’s easier than ever to watch the series in its entirety. Greys Anatomy is the second most streamed series, falling right behind The Office but still securing 39.4 billion minutes streamed .

    1 It Has Always Had High Ratings

    Currently in it’s eighteen season with over 380 episodes, Greys Anatomy almost seems endless as creator Shonda Rhimes states that the show is likely to keep going until star Ellen Pompeo decides she is done with the series. She continues to say ABC will likely air the series for a long time because it has stayed one of the most watched series on television. And despite a big ratings dropoff since the early seasons, the show's ratings have stayed consistent. In 2020, the show was the second highest-rated scripted show , tied with with procedural series 9-1-1. The most watched episode of Grey's wass season two’s bomb central episode “It's the End of the World” with 15 million views.

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    Who has been on GREY's Anatomy the longest?
    Only three actors have remained the entire time: Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, and James Pickens Jr.
    • Alex Karev: 358 episodes (season 1-16)
    • Miranda Bailey: 396 episodes (season 1-present)
    • Richard Webber: 396 episodes (season 1-present)
    • Meredith Grey: 396 episodes (seasons 1-present)
    Who lived longest?
    Oldest people more
    Is GREY's Anatomy the longest-running show?
    Key Background. Pompeo, 52, who is now a producer on Grey's, told Insider last month she's been “trying to focus on convincing everybody that [Grey's Anatomy] should end." The show is the longest-running primetime medical drama in TV history, and is ABC's longest-running current show. more
    Are brains grey?
    The central nervous system is made up of grey matter and white matter. However, grey matter plays the most significant part in allowing humans to function normally daily. [1] Grey matter makes up the outer most layer of the brain. more
    Is GREY's Anatomy the longest-running show?
    Key Background. Pompeo, 52, who is now a producer on Grey's, told Insider last month she's been “trying to focus on convincing everybody that [Grey's Anatomy] should end." The show is the longest-running primetime medical drama in TV history, and is ABC's longest-running current show. more
    Are grey Labs purebred?
    Silver Labradors are not only purebred, but they are also unique too. The breeders take this chance and make a silver labrador a money-making breed. Moreover, because of their uniqueness, the elite peoples love to have a silver lab too. That's why a silver labrador can cost from 1000 to 1500 dollars. more
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    As humans grow old, our hair starts turning grey. Just like that as beagles age, the color of their hair starts getting lighter. After a certain age, loss of color pigments occurs in a beagle's coat. Their color starts getting lighter. more
    When did Greys anatomy become the longest-running medical drama?
    February 28, 2019 In its 15th season, Grey's Anatomy ranked as ABC's highest-rated drama. As of February 28, 2019, it was the longest-running American primetime medical drama series. more
    What does a GREY circle with a GREY check mark mean on Messenger?
    It means that the chat has reached the recipient's Messenger. This also shows that the internet of the recipient is on and the possibility of them replying is higher, but it's not a certainty. Some people take days to reply even when you see a filled grey check mark immediately after sending a message. more
    Why is GREY Sloan named GREY Sloan?
    The name honors the very reason they have the hospital in the first place and memorializes the two doctors killed in the plane crash, Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan. more
    What does a grey circle with a grey tick mean on Messenger?
    What Does a Grey Tick in an Unfilled Grey Circle on Messenger Desktop Denote? This symbol denotes that your message has been sent. It hasn't been delivered nor opened yet. If you want to disconnect the internet or close the tab, you can do it now because the message has been sent from your side. more


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