In a ceremony held at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia , General Dwight D. Eisenhower appoints Florence Blanchfield to be a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, making her the first woman in U.S. history to hold permanent military rank.

    A member of the Army Nurse Corps since 1917, Blanchfield secured her commission following the passage of the Army-Navy Nurse Act of 1947 by Congress. Blanchfield had served as superintendent of the Army Nurse Corps during World War II and was instrumental in securing passage of the Army-Navy Nurse Act, which was advocated by Representative Frances Payne Bolton. In 1951, Blanchfield received the Florence Nightingale Award from the International Red Cross. In 1978, a U.S. Army hospital in Fort Campbell, Kentucky , was named in her honor.

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    On July 9, 2000, Venus Williams wins at Wimbledon for the first time. Her victory over defending champion, Lindsay Davenport, made Williams the first Black female Wimbledon champion since Althea Gibson won back-to-back titles in 1957 and 1958.  Overcoming a tough childhood in more

    On July 9, 1762, the wife of Russia’s new emperor, Peter III, rallies the army regiments of St. Petersburg against her husband and is proclaimed Empress Catherine II, the sole ruler of Russia. More commonly known as Catherine the Great, she would stay on the throne for the next more

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev trade verbal threats over the future of Cuba. In the following years, Cuba became a dangerous focus in the Cold War competition between the United States and Russia. In January 1959, Cuban revolutionary Fidel more

    “This here ain’t no protest song or anything like that, ’cause I don’t write no protest songs.” That was how Bob Dylan introduced one of the most eloquent protest songs ever written when he first performed it publicly. It was the spring of his first full year in New York City, more

    British forensic scientists announce that they have positively identified the remains of Russia’s last czar, Nicholas II; his wife, Czarina Alexandra; and three of their daughters. The scientists used mitochondria DNA fingerprinting to identify the bones, which had been excavated more

    On July 9, 1877, the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club begins its first lawn tennis tournament at Wimbledon, then an outer-suburb of London. Twenty-one amateurs showed up to compete in the Gentlemen’s Singles tournament, the only event at the first Wimbledon. The winner more

    Four miles south of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), about 500 U.S. troops of the 1st Brigade, 5th Mechanized Division turn over Fire Base Charlie 2 to Saigon troops, completing the transfer of defense responsibilities for the border area. On the previous day, nearby Fire Base Alpha more

    On July 9, 1850, after only 16 months in office, President Zachary Taylor dies after a brief illness. The exact cause of his death is still disputed by some historians. On a scorching Fourth of July in Washington, D.C., Taylor attended festivities at the newly dedicated more

    An American naval captain occupies the small settlement of Yerba Buena, a site that will later be renamed San Francisco. Europeans did not encounter the spectacular San Francisco Bay until 1769, although several explorers had sailed by it in earlier centuries. When Spanish more

    William Faulkner joins the Royal Air Force on this day, but will never see combat because World War I will end before he completes his training. Faulkner joined the RAF after his high school sweetheart, Estelle, married another man. He quit his hometown, Oxford, Mississippi, more

    Dr. Lin Russell, her two daughters, Josie and Megan, and their dog, Lucy, are all brutally attacked by a man wielding a hammer on their way home to Nonington Village, Kent, England, after a swimming gala. Forcing them to sit down in the woods, the attacker blindfolded and tied up more

    On July 9, 1777, New York elects Brigadier General George Clinton as the first governor of the independent state of New York. Clinton would go on to become New York’s longest-serving governor, as well as the longest-serving governor in the United States, holding the post until more

    On July 9, 1915, with the Central Powers pressing their advantage on the Western Front during World War I, the Allies score a distant victory, when military forces of the Union of South Africa accept a German surrender in the territory of Southwest Africa. The Union of South more

    On July 9, 1941, British cryptologists help break the secret code used by the German army to direct ground-to-air operations on the Eastern front. British and Polish experts had already broken many of the Enigma codes for the Western front. Enigma was the Germans’ most more

    Who was the first girl in the Army?
    While the oldest military service in America does not officially state who the first woman to join its ranks was, most historians agree that it was Deborah Sampson. more
    Is army a good career for girl?
    Being an Indian Army General or Officer is probably one of the most respectable Government jobs in India, which is why army jobs for women are one of the best jobs for women in India. more
    How a girl can attract another girl?
    Several things make a woman attractive to another woman. It could be a great sense of humor, confidence, deep emotional intelligence, etc. There are also factors such as a woman who makes you feel heard and really gets you that make for female-to-female attraction. more
    Can a girl be in army?
    Under the Judge Advocate General (JAG) branch, female officers are enrolled in the Indian Army to handle lawful procedures. This is a very appropriate job for women, along with other prestigious Government Jobs. more
    Can a girl marry another girl?
    You can have more than one wife if your first wife gives a consent letter about no objection as written statement proof. Then only, you can consider having another girl. On the other hand, if she is against marrying another girl then you can't do it. more
    Can a girl join Indian Army without maths?
    Yes even Girls can join the Indian Armed Forces..!!! If you are from commerce stream and not having maths that's not a problem at all. To became Army Officer as a Woman You can join OTA(Officer's Training Academy) by clearing the CDSE (Combined Defense Services Examination) arranged by UPSC twice in a Year. more
    What is the height required for army girl?
    152 cm Army Officers Requirements: Indian Army Height Female The minimum height required for entry into the Armed Forces for female cadets is 152 cm. An allowance for growth of 02 cm will be made for candidates below 18 yrs at the time of examination. The minimum height requirement for the Flying Branch is 163 cm. more
    Can a girl get a girl pregnant?
    Two cisgender women (meaning assigned female at birth) in a relationship cannot become pregnant without some form of assisted reproductive technology (ART). The reasoning goes back to basic biology and how an embryo is formed. To create an embryo, a sperm cell and egg cell must meet in some way. more
    What makes a girl a girl?
    Sex hormones make a person's body parts develop as a boy or a girl. Sex hormones are made by glands inside the body called gonads. There are two types of gonads: testes and ovaries. Most boys have testes and most girls have ovaries. more
    Can a girl become major in Indian Army?
    On 27 August 1976, Gertrude Alice Ram, the military nursing service Matron-in-Chief, became the first woman officer in the Indian Army to attain the rank of major-general, and the first female officer in the Indian Armed Forces to attain two-star rank. more
    What can a girl do in the army?
    Women can serve in either of these capacities and in any military jobs they choose. Enlisted personnel participate in or support military operations; operate equipment, as well as maintain and repair it; supervise junior personnel, and carry out technical and support duties. more


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