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    The grocery store's produce section is filled with various aromas, textures, and colors. It's almost like walking through a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. You have red cherries, oranges, yellow bananas, green granny smith apples, purple eggplants, and everything in-between. And then there are blueberries , which are aptly named for their hue ... or are they? If you've ever noticed, blueberries sport more of a violet or indigo tint, which becomes more apparent when they're baked into muffins or infused into smoothies. Why is this so?

    To put it simply, the color blue is extremely rare in nature. The reason for this phenomenon has to do with some complex laws of biochemistry that have been studied at length over the years. The pigments that are visible in crops, flowers, and even animals are the result of different chemicals, according to Almanac . True blue, however, happens to occur so infrequently that it's often considered virtually nonexistent in the natural world. Here's a quick science lesson to explain how this is possible.

    There is no true blue pigment in nature


    The pigments that create a bluish tone in foods like blueberries and blue corn are called anthocyanins. Chris Gunter, a professor of horticultural science at North Carolina State University, explains that the colors produced by anthocyanins depend on density and pH levels,  Kitchn reports. Pigments can also change throughout plants' life cycles as they become exposed to the elements, which is why, for example, unripened bananas have a green tinge and turn their iconic yellow as they mature (via  Encyclopedia Britannica ).

    Anywho, back to the mystery of blue foods. In 2013, a product invented by lighting display company Konica Minolta Sensing made an appearance on the Food Network show " Food Detectives " to investigate foods that look blue. The segment featured a device called the spectrophotometer, which picks up the color wavelengths of objects. Results have shown that the foods many of us see as blue are, in reality, purple. Blue light has one of the highest energy wavelengths on the visible light spectrum, while red has the lowest. Therefore, plants can absorb blue light more quickly and use the energy to grow. Since they're using so much of the blue light, they're not reflecting it back at us, allowing us to see the color. So even though there are blue plants and fruits in nature, they're not really a "true" blue.

    Why are there no blue foods?
    Individual pigments can differ considerably. One reason that there are so few naturally blue foods is that a combination of pigments is usually present in any given fruit or vegetable. Blue anthocyanins are chemically less stable than other pigments and are usually dominated by them. more
    What food coloring makes royal blue?
    More videos on YouTube Color Combination Periwinkle 1 part Royal Blue & 1 part Violet Turquoise 1 part Sky Blue & 1 part Lemon Yellow Aqua Blue 1 part Sky Blue & 1 part Leaf Green Royal Blue 1 part Royal Blue & 1 part Violet more
    Is blue food dye made from bugs?
    But I assure you: Blue 1 is an artificial food coloring, made from petroleum—not insects or any other animal. more
    What food coloring makes blue?
    Red cabbage is the most common natural blue food coloring here in the States. Cooked red cabbage leaves will eventually turn bluish purple if soaked in a slightly basic solution. To make a blue food dye, slice up red cabbage leaves and boil for 10-15 minutes. more
    Are any foods blue?
    This is a rare occurrence. In the case of concord grapes, the mixture of anthocyanin pigments and the chemistry favors the blue hue. In other words, the blue pigment is there, the chemistry is right and you get a predominantly blue hue. more
    What food colors make royal blue?
    If you are making your own royal blue, add 20-22 drops of blue food coloring and six to eight drops of red food coloring. Thoroughly mix the food coloring in the frosting until it is fully mixed. more
    What food are naturally blue?
    The 9 Best Naturally Blue Foods You Need To Know About!
    • Blueberries. Who doesn't love blueberries!
    • Blue Lobsters. So, yes, MOST lobsters come out of the lovely fire-engine red that we know and love.
    • Blue Starflowers.
    • Indigo Milk Cap Mushroom.
    • Blue Corn.
    • Adirondack blue potato.
    • Blue Cheese.
    • Blue Marble Tree.
    Is fast food blue-collar?
    A blue-collar job is typically some sort of manual or trade-related labor. Some examples of industries with many blue-collar jobs include retail, manufacturing, food service and construction. more
    Is Blue Diamond and Blue Buffalo the same dog food?
    And they both started as humble, family-owned companies that put the health of our pets first. The only significant difference between the two brands is that Blue Buffalo offers a much wider range of formulas. But, if a dog finds a Diamond Naturals kibble that he prefers, he should do just as well on it. more
    What are examples of blue foods?
    Here are 7 delicious blue fruits with powerful health benefits.
    • Blueberries. Blueberries are tasty and packed with nutrients.
    • Blackberries. Blackberries are sweet and nutritious dark-blue berries that offer several health benefits.
    • Elderberries. Share on Pinterest.
    • Concord grapes.
    • Black currants.
    • Damson plums.
    • Blue tomatoes.
    How does climate change affect food availability food accessibility food utilization and food systems stability?
    Climate change has been found to have an impact on food safety, particularly on incidence and prevalence of food-borne diseases. Increased climate variability, increased frequency and intensity of extreme events as well as slow ongoing changes will affect the stability of food supply, access and utilization. more

    Source: www.mashed.com

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