A European airline has introduced regulations requiring its women flight attendants wear high heels to work.

    As of this month, compulsory high heels for all women cabin crew are among some 20 pages worth of dress code regulations implemented by international airline Norwegian Air.

    Norwegian Air is among the largest low-cost carriers in the world, flying to more than 150 destinations in the world, and transports tens of millions of passengers per year.

    Among the requirements of its dress code, women must wear high heels at all times – a regulation that has drawn international ire – with flight attendants only exempt from its policy if they carry medical certificates.

    Norway’s Socialist Left Party (SV) leader of the women’s political committee, Ingrid Hødnebø, said the airline was caught in the “Mad Men universe”.

    “My immediate reaction is that it is almost comical that this is a problem in 2019,” Hødnebø said to local Norwegian news provider  Verdens Gang  (VG). “While the rest of the community has moved on, Norwegian is stuck in the ‘Mad Men’ universe from the 50s/60s.”

    “A rule that requires women to wear high heels is direct discrimination.”

    The State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Gender Equality Frida Blomgren backed Hødnebø, saying Norwegian Air’s new regulations are “incredibly old-fashioned”.

    Astrid Mannion-Gibson senior communications advisor at Norwegian Air told VG the regulations had not been a problem internally.

    “Norway’s flying crew must follow the company’s uniform regulations. The uniform is neutral and discreet and yes, it is true that different demands are made on men and women when it comes to makeup, hair etc. This is quite common with other airlines,” Mannion-Gibson said.

    “Regarding [VG’s] question about heel, this is primarily to prevent the cabin crew from going with so-called ballerina shoes that are not to be recommended for health reasons,” Mannion-Gibson said.

    The announcement comes just over a month after international airline Virgin Atlantic made the decision to relax its dress-code standards, removing a longstanding requirement for its women crew members to wear cosmetics to work.

    Atlantic will also allow its women flight attendants the option of wearing trousers instead of skirts on flights – an option that Virgin’s counterpart in Australia has had for almost two decades.

    Flight attendants on board Virgin Australia aircraft have had the option to wear trousers since the airline began flying as Virgin Blue in 2000.

    “We want our cabin crew to be as comfortable as possible in themselves and while on board, considering the amount of time they spend travelling between different destinations. Since our Virgin Blue days, our female cabin crew have had the option to wear trousers,” a Virgin Australia spokesperson said.

    “We are also looking at our uniform style guide so that we can maintain a modern aesthetic for our crew, and ensure that our dress requirements are always culturally and professionally appropriate.”

    Why do flight attendants wear high heels?
    Airlines that require flight attendants to wear heels while in uniform do it in order to preserve a specific image of a flight attendant they are trying to achieve. The downside of this policy is that often time flight attendants have to walk very long distances in the airport to get to their flight. more
    How high is a stiletto heel?
    Stiletto heels can range from one inch to a sky-scraping seven or eight inches. Stiletto heels that are taller than three inches may be a little more difficult to walk in at first, and are usually reserved for more dressy occasions, like evenings out or a fancy dinner. more
    Why do boxers wear high tops?
    With all the attention on boxing, I am sure everyones first question is “Why do boxers wear high top shoes?” The easiest answer to this question is, stability. Boxers are constantly moving about while in a fight and can not risk a rolled ankle in the middle of a round. more
    Why do bikers wear high socks?
    It primarily comes down to three reasons: comfort, protection, and aerodynamics. Taller socks will help protect a rider's legs from the sun and any debris that might come off of the road. more
    Is 3 inch heel high?
    High heels are generally 3-4 inches, or 7.5-10cm. These are typically reserved for dressy occasions like parties or evenings out, as they can be a little more difficult to walk in. Any higher than this and the shoe is likely to have a platform at the front to make it slightly easier to walk in. more
    Why do flight attendants wear heels?
    Airlines that require flight attendants to wear heels while in uniform do it in order to preserve a specific image of a flight attendant they are trying to achieve. The downside of this policy is that often time flight attendants have to walk very long distances in the airport to get to their flight. more
    Who invented the high heel and why?
    The origin of high-heels can be traced back to 15th century Persia when soldiers wore them to help secure their feet in stirrups. Persian migrants brought the shoe trend to Europe, where male aristocrats wore them to appear taller and more formidable. more
    Do flight attendants need to wear heels?
    American Airlines, which also debuted new flight-attendant uniforms this year, requires flight crew to wear at least a half-inch heel on their commute to and from the plane. United Airlines said it requires a separate heel of at least an inch but no higher than three inches. more
    Should I wear knee-high or thigh-high compression stockings?
    Knee-high socks are reported to be more comfortable for the general population, but people with large calves may benefit more from wearing thigh-high compression socks. more
    Do cabin crew wear high heels?
    "You will often see cabin crew in high heels but once the aircraft is underway, they change footwear into a lower rise heel or flats," Manders confirms. more
    Why do ladies wear high heels?
    Researchers completed biomechanical analyses and found that high heels give women a more feminine gait. The raised heel makes the women's stride shorter and increases the rotation and tilt of the women's hips. more

    Source: www.travelweekly.com.au

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