Big flames licking the bottom of a pan while a cook gingerly sautés a dish are familiar images conjured at the mention of a gas stovetop. Professional chefs and home cooks alike have come to rely on gas ranges to properly prepare favored foods from Korean BBQ to flambéed baked Alaska. So, when the Los Angeles Times published an article about California's growing ban on gas stoves, fans of open-flame cooking became understandably distressed.

    The Daily Meal notes that professional chefs prefer cooking over an open gas range because the ideal temperature can be reached faster and is easier to control. They're also cheaper to maintain and can be used with a wider variety of non-specialty cookware. Many cooks attribute the flavor profile and texture of signature dishes directly to the open flame of a gas range and say that cooking on an electric stove is an incomparable method.

    Berkeley was one of the first cities to begin enacting the gas stove ban in 2019 and is still in litigation with The California Restaurant Association, which attempted to block the ban with a lawsuit. Restaurateurs in California worry that the ban will affect established menus that rely on gas cooking methods and fear the cost of replacing expensive appliances.

    Why ban gas stoves and who's affected?


    Tensions are on high heat in California after the implementation of a gas stove ban in new construction began in 2019, according to The Takeout . Since then, over 50 cities and counties across the Golden State have joined the ban, with other cities and states nationwide considering similar measures. Green initiatives fuel the reasoning behind the ban, but the flame of hope still burns for restaurateurs and home cooks attached to their gas ranges.

    Buildings in the state of California create 43% of greenhouse gas emissions and 25% of emissions overall. The ordinance banning gas stoves from all new residential and commercial construction was enacted in an effort to reduce harmful greenhouse gases to zero by 2023.

    As the gas stove ban only applies to new construction, restaurants and residences currently using gas ranges will not be affected as of yet. Buildings currently using gas will not be required to find an alternate heat source unless they move to a new build. Still, many restaurateurs remain concerned as local policymakers hone in on the fact that buildings emit more greenhouse gasses than cars in California. It has been noted that easy environmental fixes are minimal, and tackling future issues will require greater sacrifice going forward.

    Why is Stove Top Banned?
    #9: Stove Top Stuffing It contains BHA & BHT, two chemicals that may cause cancer as well as issues with blood clotting. And those aren't the only potential health issues. A single serving of Stove Top stuffing reportedly contains nearly 30 percent of a person's daily sodium intake. more
    Does Taliban ban alcohol?
    Selling and consuming alcohol was banned even under the previous Western-backed regime, but the Taliban, known for their extreme dedication to Islam, are stricter in their opposition to it. It is well-known fact that Islam prohibits the consumption of alcohol for its followers. more
    What schools ban homework?
    HERRIMAN, Utah (KUTV) — It's every kid's dream, and now it's a reality in two schools in Herriman, Utah. Butterfield Canyon and Bastian Elementary schools officially banned homework. That's right. more
    Can Bitcoin ban Russia?
    Banning Russia from the crypto world But according to A/Prof. Sojli, “there's is nothing in place to prevent this from happening,” especially as some crypto exchanges have said they will not ban any members from Russia. more
    Did Jagex ban RuneLite?
    Although this ban will affect a lot of clients, the most popular clients will remain valid. After June 24, four clients will still be considered legal with players being able to use them freely. These are the official Jagex client, RuneLite, HDOS, and OSBuddy. more
    Can MetaMask ban accounts?
    Two major players in the booming “decentralized” internet space—Ethereum wallet MetaMask and digital art marketplace OpenSea—confirmed they are blocking and deleting accounts based in countries sanctioned by the U.S. The embargoes have revived debate among crypto enthusiasts over whether blockchain projects really are more
    What did Taliban ban?
    The Taliban have outlawed cultivation of drugs, including opium poppy, across Afghanistan, the world's biggest opium producer, which accounts for 85 percent of global production. more
    Does China ban alcohol?
    A few cities across China have renewed a push to ban consumption of all alcoholic beverages including wine, beer and the country's most popular Baijiu among civil servants, specifying that booze is strictly forbidden during and outside of working hours. more
    What countries ban yogurt?
    For yogurt and other milk products, it is the rBGH and rBST that some countries are concerned with — these growth hormones are banned in several regions including the European Union, Canada, and Japan because of their potentially dangerous impacts on the health of both humans and cows. more
    Why is Stove Top stuffing banned Europe?
    Kraft Stove Top stuffing might make weeknight dinners easier, but it also contains the same BHT found in American breakfast cereals, as well as BHA, which at high doses, causes cancer in rats, mice and hamsters. Both preservatives are banned in the United Kingdom, Japan and several European countries. more
    Why is Stove Top Stuffing banned?
    Kraft Stove Top stuffing might make weeknight dinners easier, but it also contains the same BHT found in American breakfast cereals, as well as BHA, which at high doses, causes cancer in rats, mice and hamsters. Both preservatives are banned in the United Kingdom, Japan and several European countries. more


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