Kenyans on Twitter on Tuesday morning called for the boycott of fast-food restaurant KFC a day after it announced experiencing a shortage of potatoes.

    According to the 2021 Economic Survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the quantity of potatoes produced in the country as of 2020 stood at 1.9 million tonnes. On average, Kenya produced over 1.2 million tonnes of potatoes annually from 2016.

    Under the hashtag #BoycottKFC, KOT demanded that every Kenyan must desist from KFC until they source their potatoes locally.

    If you are a true Kenyan, you should not eat chips prepared by KFC! Eat chips elsewhere. Go get fat elsewhere. They can't buy our local potatoes, they MUST import their potatoes, but still want you to eat their chips! Yaani what kind of life do we want in 2022? #BoycottKFC !

    — Ustad, Sheikh Lord Abraham Mutai (@ItsMutai) January 4, 2022

    “Fam it was truly a Furaha December. Partying face Mlikula sherehe with your KFC faves. Ya’ll loved our chips a little too much, and we’ve run out. Sorry! Our team is working hard to resolve the issue. In the meantime, here are some SWAP options for combo meals if you are craving our Kuku”. Said KFC on Monday via their twitter handle .

    Fam it was truly a Furaha December. 🥳 Mlikula sherehe with your KFC faves. Ya'll loved our chips a little too much, and we've run out. Sorry! Our team is working hard to resolve the issue. In the meantime here are some SWAP options for combo meals if you are craving our Kuku.

    KFC Kenya (@KFCinKenya) January 3, 2022

    Speaking to local press , the firm’s Chief Executive for East Africa Jacques Theunissen said that the shortage of chips, was due to a hitch in global supply of potatoes.

    However, Kenyans could not understand why import from abroad while there is an oversupply in potatoes in the country, including a loss rate of upto 20% per total harvest.

    According to a report by GIZ and Potatoe Initiative Africa at least 2,715 kg or 19 per cent of per-hectare production is damaged or lost during each harvest season. This represents a loss of KES 42,824 (EUR 363) per hectare.

    “Extrapolating these per-hectare losses to the national production level, we can assume that 815,000 tonnes of produce are damaged or lost each year, representing a value of around KES 12.9 billion (EUR 109 million)” records the report.

    Find what Kenyans are saying here

    Why not use local potatoes Why did people call for a boycott of KFC?
    Kenyans have taken to social media calling for a boycott of American fast food restaurant chain, KFC, after the restaurant said it had run out of potatoes and it cannot use local potatoes due to quality assurance standards. more
    What is KFC mashed potato made of?
    The full, official ingredients list includes potatoes (in dehydrated form), whey solids, nonfat milk, sodium caseinate, calcium stearoyl-2-lactylate, salt, mono- and diglycerides, sodium bisulfate, natural flavors, natural colors, citric acid, and spices. more
    What do British call potato chips?
    Crisps Crisps (UK) / Chips (US) In the UK, the thin round slices of fried potato that come in packets are called crisps, while in the US these are called chips. more
    What do they call KFC in China?
    Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Chinese is 肯德基 (Kěndéjī), which seems to be an approximate transliteration of "KFC". It surprises me that they opted for 基 (jī) instead of 鸡 (jī), which is pronounced the same but means "chicken" and is therefore pertinent to what KFC does. more
    Is KFC mashed potato vegetarian?
    With some deductive reasoning, KFC's website lists “Chicken Fat” as an ingredient of their gravy making it not suitable for those on a vegetarian or vegan diet. This information is constant with reports that KFC uses gravy powder, water and chicken crackling to make their gravy. A detailed analysis is below. more
    Why did KFC stop selling potato wedges?
    KFC removed potato wedges from the menu because there was a shortage of potatoes in the stores due to which potato wedges were not available in any store and, they say that due to covid their shipment got delayed and, potatoes were not supplied to any of their stores. more
    Is KFC Mashed Potato good for dogs?
    KFC mashed potatoes won't poison your dog, but it's higher in calories, trans fats, salt, and lots of artificial elements that won't aid long-term canine health. Bottom line is, you could feed a little bit of KFC mashed potato to your dog, but don't make it a habit. more
    Does KFC still have potato wedges?
    KFC Removes Potato Wedges, Adds New Secret Recipe Fries to Menu. Whether your go-to fast food restaurant is Popeyes, Chick-fil-A or McDonald's, you probably have a favorite menu item that you would be devastated to have taken off. For many a KFC customer, that item was their legendary potato wedges. more
    What do they call potato chips in England?
    Crisps (UK) / Chips (US) In the UK, the thin round slices of fried potato that come in packets are called crisps, while in the US these are called chips. more
    Why do people Boycott KFC?
    A top Chinese consumer group has called for a boycott of a KFC meal promotion, saying it encourages food waste. The China Consumers Association (CCA) says the promotion sent some customers into a buying frenzy. KFC launched the promotion last week with Pop Mart, a Chinese toy maker known for its mystery boxes. more
    Is KFC mashed potato healthy?
    Here's the kicker, though — the Famous Bowl is one of KFC's least healthy menu items. You've got 710 calories in there for one, as well as 82 grams of carbs (thank the potato and cheese for that), 31 grams of fat and, incredibly, 2450 milligrams of sodium. more


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